Virginia to USA, national provider dedicated to Engineering and Technical services.

Industry has never been in such a precarious situation as today. Market is very dynamic and is always fluctuating and ever changing. Projects being awarded, put on hold or costs revisited has become a common place. But the world waits for none. Careful planning, cautious investment, solving complex problems still isn’t enough to be successful. Rapid guesstimates, inefficient investment, letting small fires burn has become the norm. It’s like a Do or Die with either success or failure in a remarkably short time. Uncertainty, failure and difficulty are always around the corner and the competition is intense.

We help you to prioritize speed, become more efficient in the face of uncertainty and strong competitors. Often the greater risk for a growing business is to move slowly. The world is changing quickly and the only way to thrive is to accept the inevitability of change.

We are willing to accept the risks so that you don’t have to and navigate the choppy waters without hurting the bottom line. Thereby you will be able to move swiftly than your competition. Technology and business have converged like we haven’t see in the past.

In an industry, where responsiveness, quality and consistency are the key to survival, SIF Engineering is driven by mission to deliver above and beyond the customer expectations. Changing the status quo as in current industry standard practices is our way of maximizing value for our customers. At SIF Engineering, “sustainability” is the key criteria for our business, and we take special care in ensuring that our initiatives have a positive impact on our stakeholders. This requires us to strike a balance between short and long-term concerns and between the needs of our customers and growth of our organization.

At SIF Engineering, we facilitate our customers to realize the value effectively and help in enhancing their business interests. We leverage extensive investments in workforce and infrastructure in an ever-changing business environment. We aim to create the milestones in the path of extra-ordinary growth with our comprehensive services and solutions.

With our in-house diversified subject matter expertise, we complete our projects deliverables on time with assured quality. Our team adapts the up-trending methodologies to complete the projects successfully and making us unique among our competitors.

Let me sign off by acknowledging that SIF Engineering is an organization that has an open culture, ever learning, improving, exciting work culture and a firm value system. We enjoy our associations with our customers and feel confident that our value-driven approach shall exceed in meeting the customer’s needs, aspirations and business growth irrespective of market dynamics.

We look forward to having you  join us in our journey to success.

President and Chairman


Michael “Mike” J. Snakard