We have various pre-packaged solutions that are preset with templates, checklists, and ready-made documentation and are executed on a plug and play kind of concept. All you have to do is select the right package for your requirement, choose whichever is needed, and finalize the contract. And it is ready to be executed from our side till your fullest satisfaction.

Customer service is our philosophy, and we will see through it by taking complete ownership as per contract requirements. Your headache is our and you can review our progress and monitor through a specially created dashboard that can be monitored every day and update on a mutually agreed cut-off time.

Project Management
Sourcing and Procurement Support
Brownfield / As-Built Engineering
Cost Estimation
Digital Transformation
Technical Services
Project Management
  • Project Charter Development
  • Project Planning Package
  • Project Control/Monitoring Package
  • Project Planning & Monitoring
  • Document Control & Management
  • Overall design basis & specification
  • Engineering Management
  • Stage Reviews
  • nterface Management
  • Quality Assurance Plans
  • Tendering & BID Review
  • Sourcing & Procurement
  • Field & Construction Support
  • Material Management
  • Asset Integrity
  • Digital Transformation
  • HSSE Support
  • Pre-Bid Engineering
  • Design Supervision, Third Party Inspection
  • Owner Representation & PMC
Sourcing and Procurement Support
  • Vendor Selection & Pre-qualification
  • Preparation & Evaluation of Tenders and Bids
  • Enquiries RFP’s, Clarification & Negotiations
  • Contract Agreement Drafting
  • Quality Management Development
  • Vendor Technical & Commercial Evaluation
  • Mechanical Completion
  • Third Party Inspection
  • Expediting
  • Logistics Management
  • Supply Chain Management
Brownfield / As-Built Engineering
  • Site Survey, Red Line Mark-up, Verification
  • Engineering Studies & Validation
  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • Data Capture
  • Smart & Intelligent Drawings
  • 3D Modelling – PDS / PDMS
  • 2D Drawing Drafting
Cost Estimation
  • Factor Estimating
  • Parametric estimating
  • Equipment factored estimating
  • Lang method
  • Hand method
  • Detailed estimating
  • Page & Nations
Digital Transformation
  • Asset Identification
  • Legacy to Intelligence Conversion
  • P&ID and 2D data to Intelligent Conversion
  • Catalogue Development
  • Drawing Classification and Tagging
  • Data Cleansing and Data Enrichment
  • Master Data Library Development
Technical Services
  • Plant Operation Manual
  • Plant Maintenance Manual
  • Technical Audit and Survey
  • Third Party Inspection
  • Method Statement Development
  • Pre-Commissioning/Commissioning Procedure Development
  • Review of Vendor Documentation
  • Risk Based Inspection
  • Project Dossier Preparation
  • SPIR (Spare Parts Interchangeable Record)
  • Asset Management Services