Are you looking for skilled, knowledgeable and experienced Engineers, Process, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil & Structural, Instrumentation, Control & Automation, Telecom, MEP, HVAC Engineers, Architects for your next project? Do you want to engage your human resource team in the recruitment process?

In today’s competitive world, hiring the right candidates has become very difficult. The interview process involves screening, asking the right questions, checking previous background, and developing relationships with successful candidates. Most of the business owners hire human resource team to recruit and hire the best candidates for the vacant positions. One of the major reasons why employers choose to hire human resources is to improve the recruiting processes, reduce the turnover rate, and build competitive advantage, and co-ordinate the recruiting and joining process of the employees.

Some business owners believe that hiring dedicated human resource department or recruitment managers is a costly affair as they have to pay salaries monthly and also bear overhead costs. In such scenario, choosing SIFE RWS Model to hire professionals for the project can be a great option. No matter what part of the world you may be from, you can conduct online interview with the help of computer services and conduct online meetings, discussions, and gatherings to select the best talents from all over the country. Almost all the agencies offer an option to interview the candidates online and employee productivity can also be tracked in real time.

One of the main benefits of the SIFE RWS model is that one can save overhead costs and training expenses. It is considered to be a cost-effective method wherein one can conduct online interviews via internet-based system application enabling interactive discussions between you and the resource in question. You or the developer does not have to travel for the interview.

Whether you’re a small company or a large one, you need to focus on your core business. When you outsource the work to specialists and experts, you can get complete peace of mind. As your project would be in safe hands, there would be no distractions, and so, you can focus on the core business operations and tasks. You can communicate with the hired resource on a daily basis to get updates about the project progress. You can also provide feedback or suggestions to the account liaison.

Small companies and start-ups may not have a huge budget to find the top candidates in the industry. SIFE RWS model can help you source the best talents to help you achieve a competitive advantage and also stand out from the competition. Always look for high-level skills and choose to hire the most experienced and creative professional for the job. Define the roles even before you hire virtual employees so that there’s no problem once the resource is hired.

When you need to outsource your project, you need to identify your exact business requirements and look for qualified and talented resources from the reputed agencies. From small to large-sized agencies, always hunt for talented professionals for various roles. Using dedicated resources can be a wise investment to improve productivity and increase profits. And thereby focussing on the core area of the business and improve sustainability.

Work Force

We have a diverse workforce of architects, engineers, drafters, subject matter experts, specialists, project managers, estimators, tendering engineers and consultants, onboard.

Organization culture par international standards and work environment that would put blue-chip companies to envy. We empower our employees to be proactive and provide continuous learning opportunities to hone and develop new skills, to stay abreast, considering the dynamic nature of the industry environment. Today skill deficit is one of the critical issues that plagues the industry, we have a skilled and efficient workforce available at your advantage with zero attrition rate.

Business Values

At SIF Engineering, we are a value-based company and cultivate business relations based on the commitment, fairness, integrity and excellence. In addition to quality, timely and cost-efficient project delivery, we ensure that communication with client is clear and transparent at every stage of approval and delivery.

Our scalable solutions drive your business processes with increased productivity and improved quality, even if it means augmenting resources or working extra shifts for a faster project delivery.

Why us?

  • Local Experience of successful project delivery
  • Client centric service execution
  • Responsive customer service
  • Use of Technology for productivity, collaboration
  • Adaptive to client’s working requirements
  • Assured confidentiality and security of client’s data
  • Ramping on/off resources as per criticality requirements
  • Zero learning curve with quick turnaround time
  • Flexible pricing options